Property Manager

The Property Manager is a valuable member of our RE:VIVE Team.  The duties and responsibilities of a property manager involve all aspects of day-to-day operations of the property, including accounting, tenant relations, maintenance and repair.  The Property Manager manages the preparation of the annual budget, monthly reporting and financial performance of the property.  A property manager is the main contact person who takes care of all the important details required to run a commercial retail property.  This position is responsible for the following, but not limited to the following:


·       Accomplish organizational goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.  


Due Diligence:

·       Inspect vacant units along with the Development Team to identify any repairs from a property management standpoint during the early stage of Due Diligence for new real estate.  


Tenant Relations:

·       Act as liaison between Tenants and Landlord.  Understand the customer and have the ability to nurture and empathize to ensure tenant retention.

·       Promptly address issues with the tenants ensuring there is constant communication with the tenants on their business needs. 

·       Maintain property efficiently by investigating and resolving tenant complaints.

·       Educate tenants on the details of their leases assuring they have complete understanding of their agreement, role as a tenant and REVIVE’s role as a Property Manager.

·       Use diligent efforts to enforce leases in accordance with their terms as required.  Enforce rules of occupancy.


Property Management:

·       Maintain properties to expected standards and show Pride of Ownership.  Develop and implement a property drive schedule for a full routine site inspection on a regular basis.

·       Maintain properties by contracting for maintenance services and repairs; engage Development Team as necessary.  

·       Manage entire tenant onboarding process including, but not limited to, lease signing, permit process, construction, opening for business, tenant allowance requirements, and other move-in tasks, such as keying space, utilities changes, and clean spaces, if applicable. 

·       Initiate preventive maintenance programs and surveys for all roofs and parking lots.

·       Establish and implement grounds keeping and landscape programs for common areas.

·       Periodically analyze all service contracts to determine if alternative contractors would be more cost-effective. 

·       Manage any property security projects (i.e., security cameras, working with local law enforcement, hiring security watch, etc.)

·       Coordinate all annual lender/mortgage annual property inspections as requested.

·       Review real estate tax bills and assessments as directed by Landlord and assist real estate tax consultant to protest when required.  

·       Assist Development Team with utility set ups for all new developments as necessary.


Account Management:

·       Review all existing leases and prepare current lease abstract.  Maintain schedule of options, renewals 

·       Monitor all collections, rent payments, payment plans, default notices, CAM issues and take action of locking out if necessary.

·       Maintain monthly Rent Income and Management Fee Schedule, including percentage rent and any utility reimbursements.

·       Prepare monthly ACH Transmittal Form to submit to Accountant to set up debit batch.

·       Maintain current Rent Roll.

·       Review, code, approve and submit invoices for vendors to Accounting department in a timely manner

·       Manage budget preparation and CAM reconciliation for assigned properties, as well as delegating charges to correct tenants.

·       Review monthly property profit and loss reports.

·       Review and report monthly liquor sales for existing tenants and future areas of development.  Update and maintain Tenant Sales Information if applicable.

·       Maintain all tenant files (soft and hard) as required.


Insurance Management:

·       Ensure that adequate construction insurance per the Lease is provided and maintained by Tenants’ General Contractor and/or Subcontractors during the construction of their build out.  Upload required documents into insurance database as required.

·       Ensure that adequate business and property insurance per the Lease is provided and maintained by tenants for operations.  Upload required documents into insurance database as required.

·       Ensure that adequate insurance is obtained and maintained for entire RE:VIVE real estate portfolio, as well as Builders’ Risk insurance for all development projects. 



·      Minimum Three (3) Years of Commercial Property Management Experience

·      Excellent Computer Skills – MS Excel, Word and Outlook

·      Technological Innovator

·      Excellent Communication Skills

·      Self-Starter

·      Self-Sufficient